Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Post-Race Part 2

"Well the Technical Center looks almost complete"
"It appears the Elevator has yet to be installed"
"I see the street lights are in"
"The Marshall Towers look fantastic too"
"Inspired from the Jerez, Spain testing circuit"
"Well done in the WLF1 Ring's signature red"
"Wait here comes the post race tribute..."
"Ahhh Michael Schumacher in his B191"
"Here's the Circuit Stats coming up now"
"Hey who are those honeys?!"
"Is that Marshall Number Eleven on the left?"
"See you in two weeks folks at the next GP"
"The teams will be testing here at WLF1 Ring in the coming week"
"A tribute to the success of the circuit designers to attract the teams back for testing..."
"A fantastic race weekend for sure"

WLF1 Ring - Post-Race Part 1

"We hope you've enjoyed the race today"
"Lots of overtaking action and no major incidents"
"Lets go over to the Garage area..."
"Boy the circuit owner has some real gems in there"
"Always room for more!"
"Ahh the victors are parked and are coming out to the podium...."

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 3 Part 3

"We're around the podium complex now"
"It looks as if Park Ferme has been re-done"
"Yes plenty of room there now"
"I see they have the victor position signs up already"
"That stained concrete adds a nice checker effect to the area"
"At the Start-Finish now, end of lap one, Mclaren holds on to a slim margin over the Ferrari..."

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 3 Part 2

"They're out of Eau Rouge now climbing the hill up to Turn 16 the 'Benetton Ninety'..."
"A pretty dramatic left hander that can be taken nearly flat our as the road falls away from you after the apex"
"Mclaren still with the advantage as they approach the 'Wall of Champions' on the exit of Turn 17"
"The wall bears many marks from its prior encounters!"
"We're into Turn 18 now... the 'James Boys'..."
"It looks as if Renault is going to hold onto third place"
"They finally got some timing equipment and furniture in Race Control"
"Ha! and probably a little warmer in there now with Glass on the windows!"

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 3 Part 1

"Mclaren's at the top of the hill now, before the Eau Rouge Complex"
"I see they've added a double high armco barrier there"
"Yes there have been plenty of accidents in the trees there during testing"
"Here we come now to Eau Rouge!"
"The cars chassis' will be bottoming out here"
"Absolutely! They're under a tremendous G load through this left-right left"
"I see they're almost complete with the new technical center"
"They ran into delays with the boaring equipment while creating the access tunnel through the mountains"
"Speed limit Eleven?! Whats up with that?"
"Ahh well no limit on 'The Ring', lets get back to the action"
"Passing the final Marshall Tower now... it looks as if the BMW has pulled off the impossible! A pass through Eau Rouge"

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 2 Part 3

"The Renault has retaken the position form the BMW-Sauber in the first apex of Turn 12"
"We're coming up on the second Sector Tower"
"Here come the times...."

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 2 Part 2

"Well we're heading up the hill now towards Turn 11, the 'AJH Hairpin'
"Yes the order remains unchanged"
"I didn't know Benetton still sponsored F1"
"Hmm circuit planners must have offered a good deal to old Flav for those billboards"
"Hold now! The BMW has taken the Renault in the AJH hairpin"
"He's accelerating hard now down the 'Bridge Straight'..."
"Looks like the marshall was sharp for that pass... unlike the last time"
"Ok they're beyond the Marshall tower now"
"They'll be topping out at 210-215 mph for this looooong straight"
"Should be some good overtaking possibilities at the 'Bridge Turn'... a double apex-er"

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 2 Part 1

"The BMW Sauber didn't pull of his manouver, the Renault is still in front of him as they approach turn 9 'Parabolica'..."
"They're passing the lakeside dock now"
"Not too many yachts out there today"
"Ohh a nice display of some vintage F1's out there though"
"Hold on! The Ferrari made a move going into 'Parabolica'..."
"He's got the Mclaren"
"So it's Ferrari, Mclaren, Renault, BMW, Williams and Honda languishing in sixth place"
"Yes, we're approaching the 'Apex Quad' now, around the Heli Pad"
"Ahhh what a spectacle!"
"Looks as if the Heli Camera Crew is doing a pit stop of their own"
"Yes, a beautiful corner with the Race Control tower in the background"

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 1 Part 3

"Ok they are on the first Sector Tower"
"Mclaren still out front, but the Ferrari is awfully close"
"The Marshall has his blue flag out!"
"It must be the BMW Sauber closing fast!"
"The 190 R is not the most opportune spot for overtaking..."

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 1 Part 2

"They're headed down the back straight now towards the 'Spoon Curve'
"Mclaren is in the slipstream of the Ferrari!"
"The new adjustable wing flap seems to be improving the cars stability in the wake of the Ferarri"
"Yes! It looks as if he's gotten him under braking in Turn 5!"
"Whoa the Ferrari is cutting the curbs close, he's run onto the grass-crete and nearly clipped the apex pylon"
"A good exit out of Turn 5 for the Renault as well as they pass the second Marshall tower en route to the 'Senna S'..."
"Those new Light Towers are highlighting the track surface very nicely"
"The circuit planners have done a good job with that..."

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 1 Part 1

"Into Turn 1, 'Pit Straight', the Ferrari has moved to the inside and is shouldering the Mclaren wide"
"Yes they're under the bridge now accelerating quickly towards the first left hander of the 'Schumacher Esses'
"It looks like the Renault is trying to pass the Williams on the outside of Turn 2"
"That Marshall in the tower better have his yellow caution flag ready for a bold manouver like that!"
"Yes the Renault is around and positioned himself perfectly for the inside of Turn 3!"
"Ok Ferrari still out front as we come under the pedestrian bridge at the exit of the 'Schumacher Esses'..."
"Ohhh oh! the BMW has run wide and the Renault slips through just as they pass under the bridge"
"Fantastic start for them, two positions before the first sector time..."

WLF1 Ring - Pre-race Part 2

"Qualifying in sixth position is the Honda"
"It's surprising to see them here today, what with the team closing its doors"
"I imagine they've showed up as a courtesy to the circuit developers..."
"And in fifth position the Renault"
"Its seems they haven't adapted well to the new aero regulations"
"And on the outside of row 2, the Williams"
"Their KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is by far the class of field with its flywheel approach"
"Lining up in third position is the BMW Sauber"
"An impressive package again for 2009, its seems though they are still falling a bit short of the leaders"
"Outside row one is the Ferrari"
"Yes they were just pipped in the closing stages of qualifying yesterday"
"And on pole for the debut grand prix of 2009... the Mclaren"
"It looks as if they and ferrari are set to dominate again"
"Here come the lights..."

WLF1 Ring - Pre-race Part 1

It's getting close to WLF1 Ring's one year anniversary, or at least the anniversary of groundbreaking! I've had lots of requests for updates so I figured I'd give you all a lap of the ring through pictures, starting with the pre-race "helicopter" fly by of the circuit...
White Lake Formula Ring
White Lake, Michigan, USA
.9 Miles (145 feet in scale)
19 Turns
Ambient Temperature: Frickin Bitter! (It's January after all so probably hovering around 0 degrees)
Track Temperature: A balmy 70 degrees
Lap Record: jmghF1
"Looks to be a dandy day for a race gentlemen, hard to believe this circuit is less than one year old."
"They've done a super job with the circuit layout, pit complex and other amenities"
"I love that garage with access right to the track, they're featuring several classic and modern race vehicles in there for todays event, we'll have to check that out later"
"Lets take a look at todays grid..."