Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Pre-race Part 1

It's getting close to WLF1 Ring's one year anniversary, or at least the anniversary of groundbreaking! I've had lots of requests for updates so I figured I'd give you all a lap of the ring through pictures, starting with the pre-race "helicopter" fly by of the circuit...
White Lake Formula Ring
White Lake, Michigan, USA
.9 Miles (145 feet in scale)
19 Turns
Ambient Temperature: Frickin Bitter! (It's January after all so probably hovering around 0 degrees)
Track Temperature: A balmy 70 degrees
Lap Record: jmghF1
"Looks to be a dandy day for a race gentlemen, hard to believe this circuit is less than one year old."
"They've done a super job with the circuit layout, pit complex and other amenities"
"I love that garage with access right to the track, they're featuring several classic and modern race vehicles in there for todays event, we'll have to check that out later"
"Lets take a look at todays grid..."