Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 3 Part 1

"Mclaren's at the top of the hill now, before the Eau Rouge Complex"
"I see they've added a double high armco barrier there"
"Yes there have been plenty of accidents in the trees there during testing"
"Here we come now to Eau Rouge!"
"The cars chassis' will be bottoming out here"
"Absolutely! They're under a tremendous G load through this left-right left"
"I see they're almost complete with the new technical center"
"They ran into delays with the boaring equipment while creating the access tunnel through the mountains"
"Speed limit Eleven?! Whats up with that?"
"Ahh well no limit on 'The Ring', lets get back to the action"
"Passing the final Marshall Tower now... it looks as if the BMW has pulled off the impossible! A pass through Eau Rouge"

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