Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 1 Part 1

"Into Turn 1, 'Pit Straight', the Ferrari has moved to the inside and is shouldering the Mclaren wide"
"Yes they're under the bridge now accelerating quickly towards the first left hander of the 'Schumacher Esses'
"It looks like the Renault is trying to pass the Williams on the outside of Turn 2"
"That Marshall in the tower better have his yellow caution flag ready for a bold manouver like that!"
"Yes the Renault is around and positioned himself perfectly for the inside of Turn 3!"
"Ok Ferrari still out front as we come under the pedestrian bridge at the exit of the 'Schumacher Esses'..."
"Ohhh oh! the BMW has run wide and the Renault slips through just as they pass under the bridge"
"Fantastic start for them, two positions before the first sector time..."

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