Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 2 Part 2

"Well we're heading up the hill now towards Turn 11, the 'AJH Hairpin'
"Yes the order remains unchanged"
"I didn't know Benetton still sponsored F1"
"Hmm circuit planners must have offered a good deal to old Flav for those billboards"
"Hold now! The BMW has taken the Renault in the AJH hairpin"
"He's accelerating hard now down the 'Bridge Straight'..."
"Looks like the marshall was sharp for that pass... unlike the last time"
"Ok they're beyond the Marshall tower now"
"They'll be topping out at 210-215 mph for this looooong straight"
"Should be some good overtaking possibilities at the 'Bridge Turn'... a double apex-er"

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