Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Race Action Sector 1 Part 2

"They're headed down the back straight now towards the 'Spoon Curve'
"Mclaren is in the slipstream of the Ferrari!"
"The new adjustable wing flap seems to be improving the cars stability in the wake of the Ferarri"
"Yes! It looks as if he's gotten him under braking in Turn 5!"
"Whoa the Ferrari is cutting the curbs close, he's run onto the grass-crete and nearly clipped the apex pylon"
"A good exit out of Turn 5 for the Renault as well as they pass the second Marshall tower en route to the 'Senna S'..."
"Those new Light Towers are highlighting the track surface very nicely"
"The circuit planners have done a good job with that..."

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