Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Post-Race Part 2

"Well the Technical Center looks almost complete"
"It appears the Elevator has yet to be installed"
"I see the street lights are in"
"The Marshall Towers look fantastic too"
"Inspired from the Jerez, Spain testing circuit"
"Well done in the WLF1 Ring's signature red"
"Wait here comes the post race tribute..."
"Ahhh Michael Schumacher in his B191"
"Here's the Circuit Stats coming up now"
"Hey who are those honeys?!"
"Is that Marshall Number Eleven on the left?"
"See you in two weeks folks at the next GP"
"The teams will be testing here at WLF1 Ring in the coming week"
"A tribute to the success of the circuit designers to attract the teams back for testing..."
"A fantastic race weekend for sure"

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