Monday, April 11, 2011

Medical Evac Euro Copter

Well a pretty straightforward one here. I actually got this model in Virginia visting my fiance's parents almost two years ago. My soon to be father in law, also a hobby guy suggested we go to a small hobby shop while on a road trip. Of course I couldn't turn that down and boy was I pleasantly surprised to find several 1/32 scale euro copter kits from revell. Many nationalities and styles so I opted for the medical evac type and finally got around to building it over the winter.

Another few additions are the add-on to the Tux Tower with track side patios on every level and of course the clouds made from chicken wire and poly fill on the ceiling. Certainly a great place to string up the heli!

Revised Pits 2

Here's a few additional pictures of the pit enhancements.

Revised Pit Elements 1

The WLF1 pitlane has undergone significant upgrades. Some damage had occurred through the several race nights I've hosted while other upgrades were merely to enhance the authenticity of the main straight. Firstly I've built a more robust pit wall with new fencing and updated logos. Also fluorescent entry/gap markers and F signs indicating where fire extinguishers can be found. I've updated the Team control boxes with a few additional architectural elements. Also the overhead walkway towers get a stairway landing pad like brick pavers along with railings and new graphics. One of the more subtle elements are the Elf fuel canisters I made. I created the graphics from scratch off of some rather low resolution photos I found on the web. So although not entirely accurate to the real deal they are pretty close for 1/32 scale. The fuel graphics were wrapped around large sized glue sticks cut to size. Unusual but a perfect size for them!

First Boat Sets Sail at White Lake

Greetings from the Ring followers. Its been another fun year of racing and building at White Lake F1 Ring. Spring is upon us so it's time for the latest updates on my track before my focus turns to the fine weather outside.

I did a rather haphazzard search for 1/32 scale boats to populate the lake in the middle of my circuit, and turned up with next to nothing. With some background in transportation design I figured I would create my own scratch built wave runner.

A relatively small craft with two occupants crusing through the viaduct at the East end of the track. I am including some build photos for those interested. I used sintra sheet to make the sides of the hull, then a balsa wood main deck. Seating was made from carved blue foam and the gantry, windshield and other small parts were made from various Sintra strips. It flies two flags proudly, the good ole starts and stripes and a vintage pirate. Its cool seeing it in its modeled environment with reflections coming off the water. I'll think I'll christen her the SS Eleven... go figure. Bon Voyage!