Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Propeller Speed Station

I've had this access hole in my layout for some time and I had an inspiration for a lake side deck bar. I'm calling it the Propeller Speed Station. A name paying some tribute to the Bar's canopy I made from toothpicks. The deck itself was cut to shape from gatorboard and covered with plank wood strips and stained. It looks very authentic, but a note to the model makers out there: Hot Glue Guns and Stain do not mix! I had to repair several planks when the stain softened the hot glue. I'd go for wood glue next time. The 2 Bars were framed out in gatorboard then counters were covered in diamond plate textured styrene. Some corrugated paper trimmed out the exterior and I made glasses out of tube styrene. Stools were made from conical plumbing washers for the seats and Tile Spacers for the feet. Those two parts were connected with another piece of tube styrene. By the way, Tile Spacers work very well for chair or stool feet. They're four sided and come in various sizes. Not to mention you can get a bag of hundreds for just a few dollars. The one downside is some types are a bit rubbery but at 1/32 scale it didn't seem to matter too much. Adjacent to the station is a two story building which encases my basements support pole. That was constructed from gatorboard, scored for a wood plank look and trimmed in wood pillars. It's a great way to disguise the pole at track level. Eventually I will have a deck walk connecting it to the Propeller Speed Station.
The downside at this point are the cords coming down the pole from the track lights near the ceiling. I have plans to introduce all perimeter light fixtures and eliminate those lights on the pole. Its definitely an eye sore at this point, but will be fixed soon.
Oh and if you were wondering, Propeller Speed Station serves up Labbatt Blue Light, Diet Coke and Water... I miiiight be able to scrounge up a Jaeger for Martin though :)

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