Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WLF1 Ring - A.R.C. Building

Geometry rules! The A.R.C. building is a tribute to that fact for me. Aerospace Racing Corporation is a name I came up with as a teenager drawing cars and such. It derives from my love of aircraft, space, speed math and racing wrapped up in a tidy geometry term: An Arc!

Low relief buildings have been my target for the 'ring' lately and ARC was the first attempt. It's cleverly positioned on the uphill section of Eau Rouge and is basically a sheet of 1/4" blue foam scored and cut with bricks and windows. From there I created a single story triangular shaped out crop that comes out over the track. That was fabbed up from 1/2" gatorboard for the triangular trusses and the whole thing got a concrete stipple paint effect. The windows are window tint film that I applied to a polycarb graphic laminate. Clear poly plastic would work well too. With the tint film you just need something more stable to mount it too so it doesn't ripple all crazy-like. Make sure you spray water on both surfaces before squeegying. This will help get a nice smooth bubble free surface. Then it was all cut up and glued in behind the basic gatorboard architecture. Its great for making buildings you don't want to see in to. From there I cut up some plastic gas line for smoke stacks (yeah baby, Pollution!) and made armatures for the "smoke" out of silver solder. I shredded up some cotton balls and spray glued the armature then adhered the cotton to the wire. I sprayed with non-aerosol hairspray which shrivels up the hairy cotton and make it look more puffy. After that I spray painted the undersides with gray primer (any gray really will do) to help amplify the shadowing. First try and it looks pretty good and EASY to do. A few additional details like a guard rail, shrubs, second story deck, white trim pieces and such help make a low relief building like ARC really pop off the back wall. The cars look sweet screaming under it on there way up Eau Rouge en route to the Benetton 90. I gotta do some more of this!

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