Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Tux Tower Atrium

After the success with the low relief ARC building I quickly moved to something a bit more ambitious... the eight story Tux Tower Atrium. The goal here was to begin and cover some of the trim from the doorway at the back of my track, so I went slender and tall. Tux Tower sits prominently over the viaduct leading to the Tech Center and covers some of the door trim quite well. It's of similar construction as ARC, blue foam, gator board, tint film on polycarb, etc. For the main focus though I wanted an arcing atrium overlooking track side. The atrium itself is 5 stories and is trimmed in black and white decor, hence my dubbing it Tux Tower. Plant Pots and Benches are plastic end caps for metal tubes. I found a slew of them at my work and quickly made use of them. They've got just enough detail and paint up easily. The atrium has LED lighting on each floor and is wrapped in clear polycarbonate, wood trim and black crochet mat cut into strips. I call it additive building. My basic constructions start out pretty sloppy knowing full well that you can add layers of detail with increasing precision to get a nice finished look. Tux Tower Atrium, A great view of the tra...ck Hey I can see down that ladies shirt from up here! ;)

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