Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WLF1Ring - Let there be light

And the Slot Gods said: Let there be Light!
And so it was. And it was bright. And it was flashy. And it was blinky. And this is good.
The last several weeks have been spent introducing lights and effects to my track. It really has been fun and challenging to put fixtures and effect lighting 'round the Ring.
I found these cool mini landscape lights at Michaels (Craft Store). Their used for those tacky mini ceramic homes and stuff but are a decent scale so I used them for lighting the bridge and a few other areas around the track. Apologies if you like Tacky Mini Ceramic Homes.
Also I have been collecting old cell phone transformers, hell any transformer I can find and building custom LED fixtures for other areas. You just need to match up the voltage with the LED voltage draw (or at least close) and you can get series of 3-5 LED's on a transformer. So I have a series for the Red Start Lights, Pit Box Lighting, Pit lane strip of about 50 mini lights along the pit wall, and 3 bridge top lights, two of which flash. Hey you can't be too careful with helicopters and stuff flying around the Ring. Speaking of which I painted in the Heli Landing Pad and a section of 'concrete' for a fuelling station. As a result I have searched high and low for a 1/32 scale Heli to no avail, so I'm just gonna have to build one from scratch. Ahhhh back to the Transportation Design Days...
I made a podium out of styrene and a plastic plate turned upside down. Eventually from the podium there will be a catwalk over the track to the 3-4 story race control tower. I have a vision for that, but am still noodling how best to build it. Park Ferme (Winners Circle) is there now too for the victors. I've disguised the final two marshall areas with landscape, rock and trees. Lastly I put up Sector Arches over the track in thirds including the start light tower. Hopefully I can get BT to hook me up with a 3 sector lap timing system, but I'll probably have to do that graphic interface for him first, oh and actually own a real laptop pc.

I had a race night a few weeks back with Dave B, Todd, John A, Steve, Brian R, Brad, Donny, Martin, Chris and the neighbors. A good night of close fought battles. Now if I can only figure out how to better capture the racing action on film...

Also Pete T came out last night and I have to say he is officially hooked on CNC routing and AC2 car style for his massive table he's constructed. His overall responses "The racing is so smooth" and "its much cooler to race on a landscaped track" Buh bye 400 feet of Carerra plastic track!
Until we meet...the next lap.

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