Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WLF1 Ring - Its the Pits!

Welcome to the WLF1 Ring Paddock Complex, or at least the beginnings of it.
You'll need the proper F1 Credentials to enter, but I'll take you on a behind the scenes look because surely none of you have the proper credentials.
Michael Schumacher, Raikonnen, Hamilton, Alonso and others cross under the Viaduct waterway and enter White Lake. There they park their far to expensive speedboats at the pit box docks and enter through their respective side doors and prepare themselves for a day of testing at 'the ring'.
The pit crews are active on all the cars (purchased plastic talent from Scalectrix which could use some paint detailing and will get some, some day)
Some crews are working on refueling strategies (Also from Scaley and requiring further detail) while others are practicing tire changes (which by the way the Scaley Pit Crew Kits come with some kick ass sticky tires for F1's which was a bonus, but you'll need two crew sets to get two rear tires) and yet others are chilling on the paddock's upper deck catching some rays with their SPF 1 billion on their heads (actually helmets but hey it blocks the sun, right Jennie?!).
Pit boxes were constructed from Gatorboard, painted and detailed with various styrene plastic parts. Its all removable at this point so I can get into the pit boxes to add tool chests, telemetry monitors, led lighting and such at some point. They are color corrdinated with my logo red, yellow, blue, green and numbered etc.
Roofs are covered in gravel (railroad ballast), the upper decks and catwalks are made from more styrene and polycarbonate for the glass railings. Those will get some paint on the decking eventually for a metallic grate look. All in all its looking pretty good and brings a real sense of scale having people in the mix, even if they are a bit lack luster in detail at this point.
On deck for the ring:
-Race control tower
-Podium Complex
-Paint and Epoxy the lake
-Helicopter landing pad (oh yeah F1 drivers love choppers!)

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