Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WLF1 Ring - Race Control, Garage and Heli Pad

I've started the race control tower which I have been making out of 1/8" brass tubing, hand curved and glued into a three story complex. I've got red styrene stairwells I fabbed up to connect the levels and created a two story observation deck out of some more plastic plates like the podium. I then connected it to the podium with a cool glass walled catwalk. There's a ton of work to do on the tower before I can finally close it up with glass (Polycarbonate) Desks, chairs, computers, lighting and doors to name but a few.

My collection of cars has been growing with every trip to the hobby shop and I decided to make an area on the track to store them. On the leading edge of the circuit perimeter I extended out a bit to make a two story parking garage out of 2x2's and mdf. I made some brick walls in the back and added light rope in the ceiling. It looks sweet! I am thinking I should have made it bigger because it's already about two-thirds full. Hmmm, I am thinking sub-terranean floors are in my future! There are concrete ramps connecting the track to the two floors as well.
Someone turned me on to a 1/32 scale helicopter model available in china so I bought that kit and it took about 3 weeks to get here on the slow boat apparently. Anyway when it arrived i proceeded to paint and build it all in one night. A nice custom paint job in my typical black, yellow and silver color scheme. A very cool element on the track which then required, of course, some helicopter landing pad lights!

I remade the brick walls under the bridge areas. It was a detail I made long ago but was unsatisfied with the original scale. Its now a much smaller brick and I trimmed it out in white sintra pieces. A big improvement for sure.

Next post coming soon to showcase the enhanced pit complex. Also furniture, and doors in the race control tower, Heli refuelling station and a lot more light effects. Those are done I just need to take pictures. Oh did I mention I painted the basement walls sky blue?!

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Susanna said...

uhh...this is alright and stuff, kinda minor leagues...would be WAY cooler with a PUGPRIDE CAR!!!