Monday, October 27, 2008

WLF1 Ring - Circuit namesake takes shape

Landscape and a lake has been the order of the day in June. Areas have been filled in with rock wall which is various blue foam thicknesses. Those were then gouged up with a knife and burnished by hand, then painted in various, browns, blacks and greens. I used a custom mix of train ballast on the top layers for a loose gravel look.
The boulder wall around the lake I made from actual landscape rock. Eventually I need to paint in some color depth for the water and epoxy for a deep lake appearance. I then made some piers for the pit boxes which are on the agenda. Some day I'll have little driver speed boats docked for a day of testing. There's a viaduct too that runs under the track off to some distant sea. More blue foam there scored for a cool brick pattern.
Foam, mdf and whatever scrap material I have is being used for filling in the negative areas and then getting coats of modelling grass. I've been making more trees from my backyard and inserting as I move around the layout. Gravel traps now occupy most of the run off areas and I've created some grass crete in the apex areas of corners. Those were from plastic crochet grids cut to the corner shapes. Then some fluorescent clay orange pylons to mark the apex points and to prevent drivers from cutting corners (if they weren't on slots anyway).

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