Monday, October 27, 2008

WLF1 Ring - Details, Details

Beauty is in the details, and after a busy couple weeks I realize I've only scratched the surface.I've been trying new things and bouncing around the track in different areas to work up some aesthetics and landscaping. Tire wall signage has been added which brings in some nice color to the turns. I tried to keep sponsors in line with my turn names where possible,like Benetton in the Benetton 90 corner, Porsche at Porsche Kurve, etc. Then just some brands I have an affinity for, Like F1, Elf Fuels, Bridgestone, O.Z. Wheels and others.
I finished the lower Bridge pilings which came at cool, but now I realize I should paint the bottom of the Bridge too!
I did some Pit Lane Work, like the Wall with WLF1 graphics, and fencing, which I used Drywall Patch Tape for the wire mesh parts and that worked out really well. Painted in the Red Sponsor area there and added Static Discharge details at the pit stops, but those are hard to see in the pictures (In real life these pull any static charge out of the car before fueling begins).
I also began some landscaping which I must say, makes the track come to life!Trees were made with some woody weeds I found in the backyard, Gravel Traps with train ballast, Styrofoam tiering and grass in the bridge and Schumacher Esses, as well as some stone work which I will have surrounding the yet to be conceived White Lake under the bridge.
Oh and I have been driving some, but hey I'm a designer so I keep looking at it and want to build more. This thing is exactly what I had hoped: F1 racing, design and model making rolled into one kick ass package!
More in a few weeks...

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