Friday, November 7, 2008

WLF1 Ring - Reflections of the Ring

I've looked in the mirror of White Lake and it is beautiful! I finally got around to finishing up the lake, two days of 'seat of the pants' modelling. I'd never done anything like that before but figured I might as well learn on 20 square feet of lake bed! Ha! First I painted in the depth of the water with darker shades of blues. I could have spent more time on that but once the epoxy was down I was definitly satisfied. I knew I had a big area to cover so I ventured to GL Hobby for the ready to pour water stuff. Firstly I'd need about 15 bottles, secondly their 15 bucks a pop! Thirdly they only had 4 bottles. I bought two cars instead. Plan B: Home Depot, Polyurethane by the gallon. I was alomost out the door of HD when I saw this Parks brand two part epoxy/urethane that claims it is equal to 60 coats of varnish, I figured "go for it" Its about one third the cost of the Hobby Water stuff so I just earned a couple more cars! I knew my lake bed was far from level so a thick coat would be necessary. The Parks brand was fantastic! Easy to mix, easy to spread and a deep mirror finish. 20 feet of lake bed done well by a rookie, I was quite pleased. There are a couple spots where the lack of level-ness is showing but I have plans for some boats and they will easily cover the one or two blemishes. That or I can use 'very small rocks', 'churches', or 'A DUCK' to cover them (for you BT). After all ALL those things float like witches (come on Python Fans!).
Other additions around the ring include canopies in the pitlane with lighting, Helicopter Fueling Station and Building with lights, Furniture, doors, walls in the control tower, Benetton 90 corner finished up with hills and billboards, people, marshalls (#11 is in the tower though) and grid girls! Whew hot stuff!
See you next time, in the reflection of the lake, but more then likely, in my mirrors!


BK-Racing said...

Fantastic track !
I bet a lot of people are extremely jealous !

HenkG said...

Sorry for noticing you only just now (in fact it was BK who spotted you).
I'm the first to report being jealous....
Just like BK, all the way from the Netherlands (aka Holland)
I'll link your blog on my blog: