Monday, April 11, 2011

Revised Pit Elements 1

The WLF1 pitlane has undergone significant upgrades. Some damage had occurred through the several race nights I've hosted while other upgrades were merely to enhance the authenticity of the main straight. Firstly I've built a more robust pit wall with new fencing and updated logos. Also fluorescent entry/gap markers and F signs indicating where fire extinguishers can be found. I've updated the Team control boxes with a few additional architectural elements. Also the overhead walkway towers get a stairway landing pad like brick pavers along with railings and new graphics. One of the more subtle elements are the Elf fuel canisters I made. I created the graphics from scratch off of some rather low resolution photos I found on the web. So although not entirely accurate to the real deal they are pretty close for 1/32 scale. The fuel graphics were wrapped around large sized glue sticks cut to size. Unusual but a perfect size for them!