Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overview - April 2011

As is customary around here now I'll wrap up my latest flurry of posts with the latest track overviews. Spring is here and track work will subside quite a bit for the summer, but the racing will go on! Have a great summer Northern Hemisphere, I'll post up some more when its Spring time in the Southern Hemi!

Lets see a back to back champ with Vettel driving his Kinky Kylie in F1 2011.

And finally a small quote that I saw at my friend Dons house and it resonates quite a lot with me.

"Whatever you do... be the best"

-Abraham Lincoln

If thats not what racing and life is all about I don't know what is.



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Geert said...

You've got an amazing track!
I login once in a while to check on updates. Been more than a year ago since I checked last time. Great to see the discovery channel clip, your track is amazing.

ruben - rock lyrics said...

awesome!! waiting to see more of that incredible track!

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Amazing. I am waiting to see more. Great.......


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