Thursday, January 21, 2010

WLF1 Ring - Main Straight Additions Part 1

This next batch of modeling has been quite a while in the making. It was always my intent to have the drivers side of the Main Straight complete with overhead walkways, bleachers and Team Control boxes. The bleachers are pretty straightforward and based off the same construction I outlined in an earlier post. To make the overhead walkways and towers I started with gatorboard to make the floors of the towers. I grabbed a large diameter bowl form the kitchen to cut the radiuses into the gator board. Bowls make great circle templates! After that I spaced out the floors using 1/2" gatorboard support posts. Then I measured the outer skin pieces onto sheet styrene. I scored the outer side of the skin to both help the piece naturally curve as well as give some indication of paneling. Corners were dressed up in red painted round dowels and then a few other red styrene parts to add some detail. Staircases were fabricated to let people out on the far side of the pitlane into the bleacher area. From there I moved on to the actually crosswalks. These started as a 1/2" piece of gator board for the floor, and the 1/4" gator sides. I capped the unfinished edges of gator with wood planks and painted the structures white. Then I added corrugated silver flooring material and black crochet mat for the railing fences. Later I added Christmas LED lights to the underside to help illuminate the area around the walkways. I would always suggest using LEDs when available. You are almost guaranteed they will never burn out. So the pit lane is looking much more complete from all vantage points. A few figures were painted up and glued down to add to the ambiance.

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