Thursday, January 21, 2010

WLF1 Ring - Building Under Construction

I had this idea of having a building under construction back in the industrialized area of my circuit. The main reasoning was I wanted to build a Tower Crane to sit atop it! The tower for the crane stared out as two styrene pre-fab trusses. I then cut additional struts to make a box truss. The top truss that the hook slides along was done in the same fashion but in a triangular shape. The cab was made from sheet styrene and I even put a little figure in there. The crane has 3 red LED lights in it, one on top, one at the tip and one inside the cab. I still need to run a power supply to it, but it is all wired and ready to go. The building is a custom made piece of aluminum that I dressed up with some rough structure to make it look like it is being built. I thought it would be cool to have a beam being hoisted and as a tribute to the hazard filled building days of the 1930's, I put a guy up there checking out the track, one hell of a view I am sure! I dressed up the supporting deck with a plant laden sidewalk and curbing. Also you can see the final curved bleachers from the previous post. I need to do a little more transition work back there but its one of those places that very few people will actually notice. That’s where the camera shots really add some fun to track building. You can place that camera in so many interesting spots your eyes could never go. I think I have years of interesting shots I can take of White Lake F1 Ring!

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