Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WLF1 Ring - Sky Scraper

This ones in progress, but well on its way...
A 10 story Skyscraper fills a portion of the North West corner of the Ring. This was fabbed up from 3/8" rectangular dowels. Its really only two sides as the other two sides are never visible. I build these on the grided table in my basement. A grid is VERY helpful to keep things parallel and perpendicular especially when working in scale. The windows are actually contact paper, albeit metallic and applied to sheet plastic to add some rigidity. The contact paper is the type you line cubbards and shelves with. Not my favorite, but still effective. Its always good to experiment with things and use that imagination. Hardware stores, super stores and others are full of potential modelling parts. I just wander the aisles and look at things and how they might be applied to 1/32 scale modelling. The SS Tower will get some additional window mullions, doors, antennae and lighting efffects some time in the near future. Also I have space for probably two more buildings in this area that will anchor that corner of the track with a nice city skyline.

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