Monday, October 27, 2008

WLF1 Ring - Groundbreaking

I should have had some Grid Girls and Champagne present!
Some WLF1 Ring Details:
Lap Distance: ~140 Feet (1/32 Scale =.848 Miles)
Two 2 car lanes with two 2 car passing lanes (Four Lanes Total)
19 Turns
Elevation Change: 2.5 Feet (1/32 Scale = 80 Feet)
20 Foot Bridge Straightaway
Lane Changers: 2 for Fast Lanes, 2 Pit Entry, 4 Pit Stops (8 Total)
Fastest Lap: Unknown
The track was designed three dimensionally in the computer. That data was exported to create CNC routed panels. This made it easier to plan for the dramatic elevation change but still fill the space entirely.When the track sections are joined and put into correct elevation everything will align perfectly. That's twelve 4x8 sheets of MDF there! From here I will mark out my 2x4 Subframe, pull the track panels up and begin fabricating the 3 foot deck.

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