Sunday, August 17, 2008

White Lake Formula One Ring - The Background

I Love Formula One. It seems to emulate everything I'd hope to be as an individual. It's Fast. It's heroic. It's technically superior. It is the pinnacle. Of motorsport at least, and I adore that. But alas, I am a designer at heart and profession. I am no nearer to Formula One then I am to a great designer such as Frank Lloyd Wright, but I try relentlessly and for me that has been enough. I suppose simply, I have passion for anything I might try. With that I have set out on a rather unexpected path and when I sit back and gaze I realize I have created something quite extraordinary. Endlessly unsatisfied as other designers can attest, I have only just begun...

-My love to my lady, my number Eleven, for the encouragement to share this creation with others that might share my passion.

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